Y’all just don’t understand my Motivation Tho…
#BabyChaoz #Lizzi #MyHeart #MyPride #Beauty #ThoseEyez

Y’all just don’t understand my Motivation Tho…
#BabyChaoz #Lizzi #MyHeart #MyPride #Beauty #ThoseEyez

Marley got me like..

Marley got me like..

"There are TONS of hidden messages in the video and symbols that prove that they worship satan. Please don’t take this as a joke. It is not and it is serious. The Government even now has a way to send out frequencies on your TV that you cannot hear, yet it highly affects your brain and mixed in with all the visuals from the music video’s, you become hypnotized without you even realizing this."

I can’t imagine how everyone else is taking it cause everyone takes things differently. .


Idk whose worse, Racist’s or religious folk
They both discriminate & Seem to hate on what the don’t Condone..

Stop. Stop everything. Then you will realize you are the freedom you have been searching for.
Papaji (via tobiji)

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"I’m Falling but no matter how hard I hit the ground, I’ll still smile.." - R.I.P.
Micheal Larsen A.K.A. Eyedea November 9, 1981–October 16, 2010



If dudes are expected to have a lot of sex

But ladies are expected to stay virgins until marriage

But homosexuality is bad

I’m really confused who dudes are supposed to be having all that sex with

Guys I got it

Society is literally telling dudes to go fuck themselves


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Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own.
― James Cameron (via psych-quotes)

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